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Years From Today

Album: N/A






"Years From Today" is a song that will punch you square in the heart and you'll be glad it did. A refreshingly mid-tempo ballad featuring crystal clear lyrics that paint breathtaking images nearly every man or woman will recognize from their own life. Cool guitar work with some beautiful Hammond B3 organ peppered in for just the right amount of soul.

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I used to live my life not looking too far forward Never paid attention to the past Until the angels gathered ‘round picked one out and sent her down And I learned how life can change real fast Fires they start easy But you’ve got to fan the flames to last We may have leaped like fools today But baby, I promise you that… (Chorus) Years from today - I’ll still be in love with you Years from today - You’ll still be all mine Years from today - I’ll still give everything for you And count this as the best day of my life I’ll press my lips to yours Like the waves upon the shores Push back your hair look deep into your eyes And say I love you The calendar will keep moving right along As years slip into the past Baby you will see just what you mean to me As years pile on that diamond on your hand Names they change easy But you’ve got to love for them to last We’re dancin’ sweethearts here today But baby, I promise you that… REPEAT CHORUS

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