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If You Were a Song

Album: If You Were a Song






Folk-Pop, Singer-songwriter. A sweet and relaxing love ballad.

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Verse: If you were a song you’d sound like this A couple of notes that I’d sing with If you were a star you’d shine so bright I’d smile and wish on you at night If you were the sea I’d swim through you I’d ripple the water clear and blue If you were the sky I’d learn to fly I’d float through the clouds just to say hi Chorus: But when I try to say it Only stutters come out Yeah when I try to say it I can’t say it outloud It seems like I freeze up When I’m in your presence find hard to speak up I can’t form a sentence Verse 2: If you were a storm I’d watch you grow No matter the danger, I’d still show If you were diamond in the rough I’d take you back home and shine you up If you were a moment trapped in time Yeah, you’d be the one that’s on my mind If you were a clock I’d watch you tick So there wouldn’t be a second missed Outro: If you were a song you’d be my favorite one… Yeah you’d be the one that I played all night long

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