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Pondering the Frog

Album: Children's Music
Charles Hasbrook






This is another song for the childrens album. I feel humility is a gift unless it's a life style.

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Just an ordinary frog Resting on a log, But could he just be waiting, 'Cause no amphibian Thinks about the end, Or the next move that he’s making. Yet! Can I be set free From all the fears in me? I don't feel much higher Than this lowly one. I can understand, Formulate a plan, But I can feel so lonely, Like I'm the only one! I'm feelin’ like a frog; But royally in a fog! Won't someone see and free this prince? Though I'm filled with doubt, My lips are all pouched out, Waiting for life to come in! Yeah! I've got hope! And I can take a joke! Just give me the punch line, Or let me turn on, With someone in this pond! For too long I've toed this line… Feelin’ like a frog!

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