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On The Front Porch

Album: Nature Boy
Doug E. Rees




A song written by Mark Rees and myself. The picture paints what it's like to witness loved ones going through the suffering of alzheimer's. At the same time seeing good family times remembered. A view from The Front porch.

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On the front porch there's a July Moon in a Silver sky, and I'm un-scramble some things running through my mind. Big dipper's turned upside down, that means it's gonna ran. That's something that my daddy told me grandpa used to say, on the front porch. * If I could see in front of me the way I see behind. I'd never let another chance to say I Love You pass me by. I come out here for answers, I'm not just wasting time. I find peace of mind On The Front Porch. I'm staring at the Christmas tree I planted in the yard. Like me it's seen it's troubled times and can't hide all it's scars. That pine tree grew-up with me now we are watching my children grow. I swear we'll both shed a tear as we watch the last one go From the Front Porch. *

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