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Got it

I Lived IT

Album: Living Now
Dirty Steve




Alternative Hip-Hop


Claiming that you living that life when I'm already In there, like swim ware, I cover the order, already been there. Coming back with a vengeance Fuck it I'm all up in that. Spinning up, keeping it dirty, for all the woman (Stop) Here we go again. Never know what I'm coming with. When Muuufucka's know, That I'm vocally bout to murder this. Kept you on the edge of your seat for a year, and wondering. If I would ever give you a taste of that shit I murder with!! Now fasten your seatbelt's we hitten turbulence. So throw your fucking hands in the air cause you know you heard of this. Snapping my fingers, reappearing now slowly focus in. SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP BABY! The way I want it biiiiitch! Ass Rappers, Claiming they Big and Pac. When every single track that they spitting on is a fucking cover kid. Herd of this, Know who it is, Hotter than summer kiiiiiid. HocusPocus, abracadabra, the pen i wrote it wiiiiiith! Now run it back; What you thought I was done with that? Dropping a ton of crack, on the track for the fuck of it? Just to run it back like the final round of a tournament? I got me a tourniquet, applying that pressure permanent (STOP) Ready or not, steadily readied up. On ya Mark, Gunning for muuufuckas with better shots. Already, Coming this far, giving it all I got. Now you wanna get in my way shuuun? You Better NOT! Don't stop, Tick'n the Tock, Physically what you not. Pound for pound, Lyric for Lyric Giving it all you got Day an Night you better be watching Flipping you on the spot. As I'm Pouncing down on all of you pussies that wouldn't watch! On Lock, Stitching you up,chuck'n you on the brow. Watching out, Bitching and screaming Now that you wanna doubt. On the outs, kicking and screaming now that I'm winding down. Lying down, Hoping I don't seewhere you hiding out! Know that I'm ready, I'm rolling em heavy. Light em up, pulling through to this bullet , an holding steady. Lighters up, fueling the fire baby I hope you ready. Higher up, climbing that ladder aiming to go and get em! !(DONE)!

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