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Every Damn Night




Alt. Rock


The song begins with a steady pulse as different elements are introduced. A moody verse maintains the progression of the song as it builds intensity. About half way through, the tempo switches and the drums become sporadic just before the intensity reaches its peak. The song then continues into rapid guitar melodies until it reaches a sudden spiral into a steady and captivating conclusion. Enjoy!

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This place I don't understand With no hope of any lifting hand I draped you with my brightest colors Now I'm bold, like all the others The farthest I've ever dared to fall Will I forgive myself or will I crawl? But you laughed and turned me like the wheel It got so hot and never felt so real When they pull me down (I scratch and I scream) And you can't be found (I defy the misery) We turned out the lights for no one to see But your eyes and your teeth were all lost to my deepest sleep My deepest sleep My deepest sleep My deepest sleep My deepest sleep My deepest sleep My deepest sleep

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