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Album: Dark Dreams Demo II






Remix of the opening track from the second demo of Dark Dreams, which was our band's previous moniker. Originally recorded around 2006, this version is faster, sounds sharper, and benefits from a new digital drum track. The vocal delivery isn't very strong in places, which partially explains why our current compositions tend to be instrumental only. Still this song listenable enough, lyrics are provided below. Hope you enjoy!

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Verse 1 There, as the wind blows and hollers at me, Can’t help gasping at what I now see, Pyres burn brightly and high in the night, Can’t believe what I feel is not (right). Wait, for the dark side to call out your name, For the sickness to flow from your veins, See the carnage of sin by your feet, Feel the need to awaken (from sleep). Chorus Fly, in the sky, through the clouds, and the rain, Dream for the few if not the many. Soar in the night, see the moon, and the stars, Live, and be led, by you heart. Verse 2 Fear, it comes calling now you’ve made the choice, Weeping tears when you now hear my voice, Living nightmares are what you now see, You should have put your faith into (me). Mourn, for the loss of the one you now seek, Feel rejected and used like a freak, Cold and wanting you cry in your room, All you asked for will be with you (soon). (Repeat Chorus) Bridge Oh, and it hurts, yes it cripples and burns as it tears, and it rips at your heart, Oh and it hurts, as you struggle and fight as you scream, calling my name as you cry! Calling my name, Why do you call out my name? Screaming in vain, Why do you scream out my name? (Repeat Chorus)

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