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Album: Free Thinker
just bill




Spoken Word/Perf. Poetry


Artist : just bill with Adelle Banks-Wilson Produced and Arranged : Butch Ingram Society Hill Music

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come dance with me and i will make beautiful love . . . . . . to your soul i will reach into your heart and extract my palette that i may paint your dreams the colors of rainbows and butterflies come walk with me as we stroll by the stream the stream of spiritual beauty that abides within us both we shall flow together to the river, to the ocean for we are one come sing with me the melodic tunes of bliss where no cares exist for we are the note that harmonizes the world come climb with me as we explore the mountains . . . . . . of our desires peaking at the place where passion overflows into the skies beyond come with me give me your heart in exchange for my own and we shall dine . . . . . . in the gardens of divine joy come my dear, come for oneness is beckoning come before the illusions . . . . . . of time disappears come my dear, come! (ADELLE SPEAKS) Oh Beloved One of my Soul i have been longing for your call since the dawn of time My heart weeps for your embrace My dreams are of naught but thee and . . . i . . . as one . . . entwined, entangled and true dancing across our clouds of joy floating in a stream of color that flows to the Oceans of all life that we may give hope to the world the hope that manifests in to each Soul’s reality . . that Love is . . . Love is the breath of all things Love is the power that sustains the dance of the Sun across the skies of all existence Love is the soft night light of the Stars and the Moon that kisses mankind’s aspirations Yes my love, i am coming . . . i hear your soft sweet whisperings Yes my love i will take your hand, as you take my heart Feel my urgings for completion . . . yes my love, i am here ! (c) 2010 William S. Peters, Sr.

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