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for the love of family

Album: for the love of family




Americana / Alt Country


this is a song about a family man that really love's his family but always on the road

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TITLE:FOR THE LOVE OF FAMILY WRITTEN BY RODNEY MILLER/COMYRIGHT/ASCAP Verse:1 Bein’ a man is a full-time job, and that ain't no lie I'm a proud musician; I'm also a family guy I stand up here upon the stage, sharing with you my songs when I'm not doin' this for you, that's where I belong Verse:2 I've travelled all over the world chosen' my dream to sing for others But I love and miss and want to hold my kids and their mother If I could, I'd spend a lot more time with my boy playin' ball but That would make this crazy life I lead; somehow worth it all Chorus: For the love of family They are the light that lights my world Lord knows how much I miss them when I'm out on the road I crave my wife’s warm embrace there's no place I’d rather be My kids, my dog put a smile on my face for the love of family Turnaround: Verse:3 My wife kisses me, and says, "Honey, won't you come home soon" And as the bus pulls out, I grab a pen, and write another heartbreak tune Here's one about life on the road, and how my heart breaks And I will always come back home to her, no matter what it takes Verse:4 I dedicate the songs I sing to my loved ones back at home Though my family misses me they will never be alone I sing my songs with all I have; pour out my heart and soul It don't matter how far or were I am our family is whole Repeat Chorus: Lead Break: Repeat Chorus: Tag: And even though I'm on the road My heart remains at home 'Cause when I'm not singin' my songs for you, that's where I belong

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