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Spittin That Flow






All eyes on me, dont glance focus give me a chance, while im statin and comentatin on greatness like stu lantz

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Every time I hear a dope song my hopes drawn get the pen to speak Im inspired so I inscribe notepads with ink Thoughts gradually leak out my temples packing heat The don is gone man its been so long guess ill grab his seat All eyes on me don't glance Focus give me a chance While I'm stating and Commentating on greatness like stu lantz These people wanna dance so they might not understand This is hip hop baby my lyrics is my stance My rants my views hip hop is what u choose Use it to ice my bruises ignite it to light my fuse The kindest dude, viewing life in others shoes But Lyrically ur fearing me worst nightmares comin true I type my mind and groove to the tunes and the Beat I bruise when i speak contusions Cause confusion and grief My fuming has peaked truely aint a human can reach its not illusions u got the view man youll be losin to me Usually I spit it Deep thoughts coming with it But this time ill just spit rhymes just to show Im something gifted Something different Someone u lack to know I am the Capitol unmatchable when spittin that flow

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