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Tell A Friend

Album: Songs For Freedom
Songs For Freedom






Tell A Friend - Lyrics By: Gaia•is•i feat. Azucena Azul I see that fur around your neck And I noticed you’re a human Do you know now Who that comes from? Cause it looks real And its creeping me out I doubt you meant to be So cruel now Folks strolling by What’s going on inside? Tell you a story ‘Fore you try that size Lil’ puppy that’s your brother That’s a coyote I wonder if you spoke my language What you would say? (Dog “singing” interlude) I got a little plot to stop the pain Blind minds do This a collaboration Between me and you Cause cousin Canines and the Primates Oh we got the same mother (Earth) You give us love So we fighting for each other Like you pulling out people on Rescue duty We’re going to the store Tell the truth to somebody now... That decoration round your neck Dog, cat, rabbit who you stabbing at next? Nah... We put an end to this trend Stay warm without torture And tell a friend (Spoken) Get the facts on that and every other kind of jacket in the link below. And let no more unnecessary blood... Drip upon the snow.

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