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Second Chance

Album: Who I Am
Iaian Thompson




Well, I wrote this song about a pretty bad time in my life. I was going through a lot of things with my wife and almost ended it. But in the end we were victorious and stayed the course and our relationship was healed. So this is a song about just that, but done in "Victory" Style. So it's a feel good sounding song, with heartfelt lyrics. (All song were written and recorded in Afghanistan)

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These tears in your eyes are makin' me weak As you wipe the make-up off your cheeks I've wounded your heart with things that might kill you And I'm sorry just aint gonna cut it this time. Chorus: But I remember a rainy tuesday when I played you a song on my guitar Stepped out into a pourin' evenin' I kissed your lips on the hoos of my car. I need you to think back baby 'cause all I want is a second chance V2: Now we've lived life the way that we should God's blessed us with money in the bank And 4 little babies that are mostly good Now you might feel like throwin' it all away I'm down here on my knees Beggin' you to stay Repeat chorus

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