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Someone To Love Her






Verse: She stares out the window, as the bus pulls away from the truck stop The flashing lights in the darkened light, now she’s all-alone And her little baby’s crying in her arm Her daddy’s gone, gone to jail Sixteen is just too young, to care for another, to be a mother She needs someone Chorus: Someone to love her and look past her mistakes Someone to hold her and tell her it’s okay She’s all alone in this world But she’s still that little girl inside Verse II: Well, she never had a father growing up But she always tried to make him proud And she looked for attention from the teenage boys Who hung out in the gangster crowd Yeah, she met the one, or so she thought At a house party last June One thing led to another under the covers And she dropped right out of school Bridge: She wants to run away Nowhere to go and a kid to raise She always pictured something different No family, no closest friend She needs someone to help her live

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