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Naked Man (Folgers Jingle 2010)



Description This is our entry for the 2010 Folgers Jingle contest called Naked Man. Taylor Murphy: Drums Michael Mayo: Vocals Aaron Liao: Bass Balam Garcia: Guitar Ryan Garrett Greenfield: Flute/Sax I originally wrote the chords and melody in middle school at Lindero Canyon Middle School and played it once at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA).

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LYRICS: (A) I wake up dreary next to my roommate, I just had a dream about deadweight. Time to get ready for my classes Oh shoot where are my fudging glasses (B) Wait. What's that smell? You're kidding right? I have ent Wake end from my dream guess I will just Enjoy it while I can an. (C) When you're on demand You've gotta take out the dog with your band where's my jack it I I I I'm a Naked Man but I'm warm (arm) on my (I )hand this stuff is grand (Break 1 Bar) Flute solo (Michael switch to keys)(drums lay out and play catch with the dog) (A 2bars) (B 2bars)(A 2 Bars) (C2) I love Folgers and, I got it from the can I'm the man. The best part of wak-ing up is Fol-gers in your cup-cup

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