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Album: Superhuman
49 Stones




Alt. Rock


* The first 2012 single from 49 Stones * Currently receiving airplay on mainstream Kansas City FM radio stations * Produced by KC's Wes West at Sound Factory

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Attention, Attention Ladies and gents of the jury I bought this machine so I could tell you this story I submit it as evidence for all of your ears So you can shout it to parliament, your kings and your peers Relax, no one’s gonna take away your special society Unless you finally notice the ice has been melting right under your feet I need to know! Can you hear me? Or do you just think that you’re superhuman? Now we’re all merely players and we’ve all done our part a collective revolver fired into the dark But I’m not gonna stand here and deliver the sword I’m gonna fight, fight till I die, then just a little bit more I’ve heard you’ve been selling your soul and you’re losing control You’ll find that you’re gonna get cheaper as the water gets deeper It’s not your place to decide, Yeah you think that you’re superhuman Now we’re standing And time is demanding If you’re waiting for something I’ve got to know, well what could it be

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