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Damn amazing how life go Many obstacles still fighting my fear of heights tho So i write flows despite im shy im prideful And thru darkness my writes will be that bright glow Gotta reach the peak of Eiffels Dreaming they'll be repeating the very speeches i wrote I hope ill make them think im dope Hoopin for stars far more higher than the weed that i smoke Thinking of the roads i might go 9 to 5 to stay alive or grippin the microphone No telling which ones the right road I type flows Got me saying this is it like Michael In skills im in the minors Paint a perfect picture on canvas blank like albinos But i aint that flashy type no I keep it low key but know D will hit the high note So pass to kob in iso A Tyson right blow Bruce Jeet Kune Do Type tight flows Find me am the next idol So listen because my writtens may be visioned as vital Jan 30 Ahhh I itch for the title Im sittin here idle grippin on my hits like its my bible With my hand up this a trial The judges skimming my files Staring at my image and style Im sitting like wow how are u supposed to tell The way u see me is how u believe me to be well I think ur vision failed Ignorant yeah can tell Instead of raising hell rather roll another and just chill

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