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Album: Singularity
48 Hours Strong




Alt. Rock


Alternative Rock Song

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Goodbye my friend Im sorry that this had to end Will I see you again? Will I see you again? And I don't wana watch you go Im so sorry that this came to be your resting place alone And I just wish that i coulda helped you through It all Chorus: How to escape this fate When its too late You were ablaze Two words and we all fall down When we find out It was In Vain I dont know how to tell you what Im feeling now So il just try to spit it out Was it just your time to go I just wish I coulda been there I coulda pulled you out But now wel never know Chorus Burn Brighter than they'l ever see Longer than eternity Hotter than the sun If only There were some way To let you know What youv done Its a shame I wont be the same I wont be the same I wont be the same Its a shame We wont be the same We wont be the same We cant be the same With you gone Chorus Oh so unsolved Weve become so unresolved

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