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Electric Eyes and Rainbow Lies

Album: Untitled As Of Now




Alt. Rock


A little Heavy, a little funky, based on a descending bass line

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Electric eyes and Rainbow lies are all i ever see the doughs all balled and timber called when they come to call on me the clouds break free, the lightening peaks, a shadow in the night my mind is clear and i'm aware that i'm finally going to see first light rings appear and they are clear, depending on the view like an oil slick, a visual trick, what you see depends on you and i see it all i don't know what i've been told and i don't know just what i've sold but it's not my mind it's not my soul just tiny little things that i can't control i've been bad and i've been good i haven't done some things that i know i should and i've been down and i've been out and i've been lost without a doubt but there you are, right by my side unwilling to move, unwilling to hide and that's alright, hey that's okay because i don't want you to slip away and i know if want, i know if i will climb with you right up that hill to overcome our darker sides i know that you'll be right by my side

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