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The Storm in Our Head

Album: The Storm in Our Head
Kathleen Dunbar






The story of a woman's human journey in this bumpy life.

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The Storm in Our Head By Kathleen Dunbar Copyrighted by Kathleen Dunbar the gas station job’s what he had she’s hopin she saw in him more good than bad she left school and she had their son how do you get that old when you’re still that young? she felt like she never was young his beauty was like a dark poem till he landed his fist and she wouldn’t go home she fell down the stairs and she broke tears were her words and pain what she spoke pain, pain what she spoke Chorus let’s all sing the storm in our head! can we sing till it clears and we’re shinin instead? if it happens the garden’s ploughed under the road will we still smell the flowers while carryin the load? la la la-la-la la la-la la-laaaa the devil he left her his clothes bein naked she took em to keep out the cold an angel tried to lend her his shoes I can’t walk with you angel cuz I always lose angel you take back your shoes the color of heartbreak is blue it’s the color of love when the love is all through beauty’s the shape of a rose beauty’s more sweet cuz the thorns that we know breathe cuz of the thorns that we know Chorus she prayed at her bedside for dreams before her whole life fell apart at the seams when she’d rest, when she’d sing, when she’d sleep she’s still diggin the hole that is grave-digger deep the hole that is grave-digger deep when you love you fall under the waves if you never fall you can never be saved sometimes it’s grace sometimes luck when a hand reaches out and you take it up and you, you take it up Chorus

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