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I'm Not Your Enemy

Album: VinJay Demo




R & B / Soul


This song is the product of a songwriting class at Full Sail University. It's about not letting misguided anger ruin relationships. Spouses, Lovers, and true friends should be a part of the same team, working together as one.

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“I’m Not Your Enemy” Vincent Roseborough Composer: Vincent Roseborough Lyricist(s): Vincent Roseborough, Jerone Sears Song Form: BABABCB Verse: 1 Listen up keep your voice down I can't hear you when you’re shouting Trying to figure out why Why are we fighting? Pre-chorus: What did I do? Please tell me what's wrong We're part of the same team Together we're strong I'm your man, not your rival I'm.... Chorus: I'm not your en-e-my I agree we don't agree No one's right or wrong Girl I want you to know I'm not your en-e-my I agree we don't agree Ba-by we can work it out If we listen with our hearts Verse: 2 Sometimes your silence can be so loud But I need you to talk to me Say what's on your mind Pre-chorus: What can I do? Please tell me what's wrong Is it a new verse to the same ole' song? I'm your man, not your rival I am.... Repeat Chorus: Bridge: No one said it would easy Believe it when I say I'm not your enemy Repeat Chorus to end: Chord Progressions: Verse/Chorus: Eb (sus2) F7 (sus4)/C Bb (sus4) Bb (sus4)/Ab Bridge: AbMaj7/9 Gm7 Fm7 Bb (sus4) Bb

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