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Album: Crumbs
Noonday Crawlers




Americana / Alt Country


Americana tradition and lyrics full of protest circulate the verse. Then a punky chorus full of redemption and hope after questioning reality and sanity, wrapped up with a party jam full of fun.

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If there is a purpose, not sure what it takes to make it change Calamity and justice must be notwithstanding the deranged As the leaves will fall our dreams may crawl as we listen to November rain It's the words we spoke when we first awoke hearing sounds that we could not explain It's saying who, who, will fall Who, who will call....have I gone insane. CHORUS It might be this moment It could be the past But it's right here and it's right now It could be fading fast Pouring our hearts into everything Couldn't mean more than life So precious and coveted Thoughts dripping off the sky With each year that passes, a chance to help ourselves has been lost And all of this humanity does not come without a cost As the four winds shift our thoughts may drift to what we imagine to be more simple times It's like we question today, tomorrow's change confined by crimes of the times It's saying who, who, will fall It's saying who, who will call....have I gone insane. So we take this moment Try if we can to make it last Right now we are not so different No more living in the past All that we sing about is what we are And you say it isn't right So are we to question everything That makes us love this life

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