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Money feat. Mic Skillz (Prod. by Arjae Knox)




Money (prod. by Arjae Knox) - Vikki V ft. Mic Skillz Production and Direction by: Greg Kissner

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[Vikki V] Never worry how I'm paid Got old world money Cause I'll have a million anyway I'm golden like I'm honey Blow it? Oh, I'm caking it Baking like I'm kitchen aide Taking friends who gotta have it Ask met to support their habits Late nights, Coke cans And white rabbits Pop's on me, don't worry 'bout it What chu need boo? Just go and grab it Rolling deep with me an my wallet Jelly girls try to hate on me But only gazelles can drink for free Shelly girl, my right hand B Bought her ice, bought the candy B.B.I.T. that's Baddest Bitch in Training and my zeros always doubling Cause all I care is getting that (money) [Mic Skillz] Balling like I’m Donald Trump Flossin like Im Warren Buffet Spendin like I got a million dollars but I aint got nothing So I got with Vikki V, Vikki on that Kennedy Always on that Louie, homie, never sippin Hennesy Money on my mind and grindin is the remedy And enemies they envy me cause they know I'm an MVP PHD in paper science now our bank is going green We don’t need that biodesiel, sandwich baggy or triple beam Everybody wanna be the dude that be the baddest, If I want it Imma take it gotta get it gotta have it gotta get it gotta grab it commin at it like an addict cause I got a bad habit and you know im gonna add it Yea we want that money Yea we love that moneu You better count out money We comin for that [Vikki V] Bank account on tilt, ya know Money coming like my flow Never red like menstrual Just double, triple, million oh's [Mic Skillz] I don't make money cause I got to It's because that I love it Looking at seven figures Any less? Take it and shove it I'm at least four, five, six figures above it They wanna be like Mic and the Nike's ain't the reason they love it. credits from Tiny Mansions, released 13 December 2011 Written by Victoria Morgan and Michael Hopkins Featuring Mic Skillz Produced by Arjae Knox

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