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The video is about a twister that came through out town in June 8 1993. Yes they do sound like a train and wind are around 150 mph or more .They can destroy a house or a town in no time . They also can take your life to .So we dedicate this video to all the people who has been in one and lost a lot from them .

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hoowho== Lord ita a twister Well one Friday evening me and Jenny cooking out When she turns and looks in the sky said men its getting ITs getting real dark here comes a twister The winds got up lighting flash Hail was dropping as big as golf bail Men it was coming coming down from that twister Me and Jenny was running round trying to found some cover son To protect from those mighty wind of that twister those winds much of been two hunder miles an hour Sounded like an old fright train comeing , right through our back yard, that old twister Well it hit our house hit our garage Blow them all to hell and back just like a stick of dynamite that damm twister Then the next thing it went the sky just as fast as it came down Men we were glad to see it go thaT old TWISTER (woOO YOHO====lORD a tWISTER==bRAKE) Now let me tell you people If a twister every lands by you you better run ,run and hide from that twister Cause it might blow your house away or it might blow your car away or it might blow you're life away that damm old twister Two times woOO YOHO====lORD a tWISTER==bRAKE)

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