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Album: Jonathan Barrier
Jonathan Barrier






A deep, metaphorical song concerning a man who believes he is lost in a world that doesn't hear or listen to him.

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It seems to me, That everyone’s just lost. Unknowingly and permanently Tied to their cross; And all the while I’ve known where this bullshit would end I’ve seen your face, a thousand times. I know where you’ve been. I know where you’ve been. I look around, It’s just all the same. Often painful, uneventful, Disrespectful shame; And here I am with nobody left to defend. I’ve felt disgrace a thousand times. I know where you’ve been, And I wanna crawl inside my sins. In this world of dust, If it means so much, Why can’t I just be like me? I have felt that I’m Getting closer I’ve melted away all the strings. Now here I am, I’m lost again…

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