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Just Me And Myself






Roadhaouse Blues with slide guitar and harmonica backing.

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Just Me And Myself (v1) Guess you could say I'm a loner Oh but that suits me just fine Some folks say I should mingle But I don't pay them no never mind I mind my own business Try to keep myself in line (v2) I like my independence No rules except my own Ain't no one I owe an answer No time I need to be back home I'm short on conversation I don't even have no phone CHORUS I love them pretty ladies But I don't want one all the time Friends sometimes dessert you When you're in a real tight bind Don't need nobody else Just me and my self INSTRUMENTAL VERSE (v3) Guess some people might be okay If they don't get too close But when they're headed the other way That's when I like then the most And people are all the same From East to West Coast (v4) Don't slave myself to no one And nobody owns my soul The bestest friends I ever had Was a line and a fishing pole Minding my own business That's just the way I go REPAT CHORUS (c) 2012 Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI

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