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I Do - Preview

MiG Ayesa






We all suffer bouts of sadness and depression. When we do, we feel helpless and lonely. I wrote this with Carl Dimataga and my wife Simone, as a letter to those suffering that you are not alone. You are not a failure. It happens to us all and it has definitely happened to me.

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I DO Written by MiG Ayesa, Simone De La Rue & Carl Dimataga Do you think of me The moment you start waking up? When you pour your coffee cup? When you can’t find your keys? Do you fight the tears When you greet the morning sun? Though the day has just begun, You’re frozen in fear. Do you see my face in every stranger’s eyes? Do you hear my voice call in the wind Do you fool yourself when you drink tonight To numb the pain within? Cause I do.... Do you hold your breath When you check the answer-phone? Just leave your message at the tone But there’s no one there. Do you search to find your own an identity? Do you get tired of living lies? And do you suffocate in all the sympathy? Do you keep on asking why? Cause I do....

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