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Cricket Hymn, Pt. I

Album: How To Fix Everything
Townhouse Woods






I don't mean to drag you down I'm just trying to figure out what this life's about All the words I ever wrote Are to try and lose these worries and to find a little hope But the wind will tuck me in As the crickets sing their hymns And the trees will be my shelter See the moon shine through their limbs There were things I once adored But nothing moves me anymore Now the top of this here mountain Feels just like the ocean floor Running from familiar fears Screaming so loud that I'm hurting my own ears Kings and fools will take their turn Love is one big fire and you know everyone must burn The water just reflects the sky And right now its dull grey color's weighing heavy on my mind How this crumbles in my hands Just watch it fall apart and know I've done all I can

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