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Golden Rings

Album: John Harrell
John Harrell






A song of Proposal and the power behind the covenants and symbol of the Golden Rings we ware.

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(V/1) Although I'm older, I'm still young at heart. I couldn't stand to be away from her, I couldn't stand to be apart. I took back to the very first place we kissed. I said I've gotta ask a question, I think she knows what it is. I got down on one knee, she started shakin' like a leaf. With her hand in mine, I gave her a ring. (CH) Now she wares a Golden Ring on her finger. She swore that she will never take it off. Through good and bad to death and back remember we can make it through anything...with Golden Rings. (V/2) We set the date and now we both can't hardly wait. As our families all gather round for our very important day. We're at the altar exchanged our vows and now it's time, for the reverend to look at me and say you may now kiss the bride. I pull her in close to me and press her lips on mine. And whisper in her ear from now to the end of time. (CH/2)(x2) We both ware a Golden Ring on our finger we swear that we will never take them off. Through good and bad to death and back remember, that we can make it through anything with Golden Rings.

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