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Catie's Song






Catie’s song cappo:2 Written by : Neal Travis G D C I always wanted just one little woman G D C I could give my love to G D C Sometimes things don’t work out like you wanna G D C Seems like they never do Em D C Life don’t always give you what you ask for Em D C Sometimes it gives you so much more CHORUS: G D Like pretty blond hair and a smile so sweet C When I met her she was only three G D C She became my world G D With eyes like her momma that take it all in C Felt myself fall in love again G D C With that precious little pearl Am I may not be her daddy D C But she’s my little girl G D C Life can fly by like a freight train G D C Ya best not try to stand in its way G D C She has almost grown into a woman G D C An that’s almost more than I can take Em D C She’s a flower bloomin in the window Em D C I’m the sunshine tryin to help her grow Chorus Em D C Someday soon she’ll fly from that window Em D C Breaks my heart to have to let her go Chorus Am No I may not be her daddy D C But she’s my little girl

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