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I'm Good

Album: Still In A Dream






This is G-Riot's first real anthem-type song where you really just want to throw your hands up and sing along with this chorus. The beat is spectacular and overall it's a feel good song.

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I'm getting cheese in a rat race, moving at a fast pace that's why I'm coming in the opposite of last place half man, half amazing and half baked still in a dream, no wonder I got to class late my competition was wishing I was in bad shape but I'm getting big like I'm lifting up attached weights so don't get it twisted get your facts straight still getting buzz from the release of my last tape so many people hit me up to collaborate living in a movie, loving every last take real lyrics almost died, but this track made up for everybody that contributed to rap's grave hip-hop superhero with a rap cape something like Bruce Wayne jumping out the bat cave and I heard life is a game so I'm coming for the trophy just to chuck it in my glass case Chorus I can't stop I'll keep going, keep going, yeah Cuz I'm loving each moment, each moment, I'm Good, I'm Good, yeah I'm doing good Look at me I'm Good, I'm Good, yeah I'm doing Good Look at me I'm Good Verse 2 You can't deny talent People can tell it's real And then decide if you belong upon that pedestal And this song got that making of a legend feel I'm independent like I don't believe in record deals I'm just a starving artist, trying to get a meal so take your plate away, get your protective shield And every day, I'm developing my set of skills Allergic to losing, already took my Benadryl. Uhh, And you wanna know the worst part? I ain't going nowhere like birthmarks From the villages to burbs to the worst blocks, my name rings more bells than church clocks So get to know Mr. Letter G-R-I yes O, don't forget the T And I got this game on lock ever since I went in like a set of keys Chorus

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