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Strictly Luxury


"After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts." - Aristotle Onassis Facebook: YouTube: Buy on iTunes: Director: Harry Mavromichalis

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Verse 1: I'm a rich bitch, still in my twenties, The urban jungle is a garden to me. Cause I buy whole blocks and I bank in the billions, And my assets are legendary. My gym bag is Birkin, my membership, Is assured cause I'm first on every list. Toe to head, Louboutin to Bvlgari. Custom made, top grade, strict luxury. Pre Chorus: I can purchase love, money money Say art but I see currency, I can bid on anybody, With the right sum of money money. Chorus: Put your hands up VIP, Say I make money and it makes me. If you be strictly luxury, Say I make money and it makes me. I got it, Money money I want. I want it, Money money come on. Come get it, Money money from me. Cause I got it, Money money. Verse 2: Wanna go, Tokyo to Ibiza, To my island, my villa, my suite. From the back of the Benz to the front of the Enzo, I rep the style of the super elite. It's a big bad world, but it's got no teeth, Cause I'm so high up it cannot reach. Buy a classic car, buy a new LV, Money, Moet, strict luxury. Pre Chorus Chorus Bridge: If I like it, I can buy it, I can burn it, I can order more. There is nothing, I can think of, That I can't get, own or pay for. Pre Chorus Chorus

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