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Saint Patrick's Day

Album: Till the Sea Disappears
fiske and herrera




Indie Pop


Track 2 on our latest CD, Till the Sea Disappears.

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Saint Patrick's Day The first time I laid there awake. The second time felt like a mistake. Packin' in the breeze, you caught me off guard. Everyone I know   sayin' don't, don't touch her. And late night shots the weekend sorts the impulse moves from drunken sport. Seems the pilot light, it never died, it just smoldered under out of sight. Today is Saint Patrick's day, tomorrow we'll meet by the sea and drink deep from our mistake, from what we want, not what we'll be. And I won't decide. No I won't decide. What I've figured out  is this feels right for now. And now's a thing I've just discovered for myself. I can hold it  hard,  'cause it's free of consequence. No after, no before, just a touch, a quick breath in. 

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