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Governmental Prayer

Album: Single






prayer on behalf of Haiti in Engish and in Haitian Creole.This song was voiced at the Tuff Gong studio of Bob Marley in Kingston Jamaica.

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CHAY LA LOU PAKA POTEL Help my government to be honest and fair Just like you oh Jah let them honest and fair Let them be honest with all the people Specially the poor and the needy Oh Jah let it be soooo………………………………………….. Help my government to be sober and true Just like you oh Jah let them be honest and fair Help them be honest oh yes with the nation Specially the poor and the needy Oh Jah let it be sooo Let there be, let it be Lord, from sea to shining sea, from the valley to the hill. Let there be peace and justice On every hill and every city Help the citizens to understand their role In making this country what it should be Help us be conscious of this journey of oneness To gain the strength we need to rise. Need to rise need to rise Help us rise, open our eyes, to rise above the tiiiiiiiiiiiiides Help my citizens to be responsible Just like your angels let them be responsible Let them be able to see what’s possible Away from chaos and violence Jah… give them patience Oh Jah to see beyond division to unity AYITI SE PAM, AYITI SE PAW ROUGE E BLEU SE MWEN ROUGE E BLEU SE OU LEL FLOTTER SE OU AK MWEN KI PARET SOU TE LAKAY SOU TE LOT BO DLO SE FIERTE PAM SE FIERTE PAW OH GUSH LET BE SO PEYI SA BEZWEN NOU TOUT POU NOU BATAY POU NOU METE LI SOU LE RAY SA KI VIV LAKAY OU LOTBO PATIRAY KOLE ZEPOL POU NOU BAGAY FOK NOU FE BAGAY NAN LAKOU LAKAY SONGE NOU TOUT SE PITIT ZANTRAY AYAYAY ,YAYA ,YAYA YAYA,YAYA Wrtten by Louinel Jean September 2012

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