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The Struggle to Forgive

Album: Songs of utter despair, guilt, empathy, lust, longing and/or hope




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


This song arose from my depths when someone I care about lost all that he was working for, his dream, his passion and his purpose, due to a person that he made the mistake of trusting. It was hard for me tograsp why it affected me personally so much, but after many sleepness nights, I realised that the trauma was due to the sudden disappearance of my ability to forgive.

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you tell me that love’s all around and though some resist it their path is still found and life is what we make it to be and no one can hurt us as long as we're free but you left out the pain and the tears the people who hate and prey on your fears you didn't mention the most hurtful part that some people thrive on the despair in your heart you tell me that others may fight that it's up to me not to lose sight you tell me that good always wins that when you're armed with love you will stay strong within but you left out the struggle to care that strength i must search for is so very rare and no matter how much i do my part that someone will thrive on the despair in my heart

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