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Album: Buh Ba Ba Ba






Autumn turns windy, huge / A clear vase of dry leaves vibrating on and on. - James Merrill (1926-1995)

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Having used every subterfuge To shake you, lies, fatigue or even that of passion, Now I see no way but a clean break. I add that I am willing to bear the guilt. When I cry and I cry You nod assent. Autumn turns windy, huge. A clear vase of dried leaves vibrating on and on. When I try and I try You don't know me, but I know you, All the things you say, and the things that you do. Bitter is the contradiction of an over-ripened fruit, With fruitless gains in our endless pursuits. When I try and I try We sit watching, as love buries us, To the hilt, blinding my third eye I don't want anymore pain in my life Renewal comes when we end the strife. When I try and I try

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