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Who I Am [Music Video]




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"WHO I AM” [Song written & copywrited by: Jerome Higgs A*K*A Big Rome] [Chorus 1 (Repeat x2)] "This is who I am" (echo) "You can't change it" "Naw" [Verse 1] -Big Rome done made it, thank God I made it Everybody don't like me consider me the most hated; -Every rapper ain't no hood star, let's get that understood Big Rome be the truth cause i'm really from the hood; -Every trapper ain't a rapper, but I'm the one that did it If this music thing don't work out, In the streets I bet I get It; -I got hustle In my pedigree, top dog fo'sho I'm the boss hogg from Arkansas for those that didn't know; -I'm a beast you can't deny it, I'm bout to start a riot Competition don't like It, lame lame be quite; -Got me mentally disturbed, yea I'm bout to go bezerk Now I'm talking out my problems wit a shrink, I hope It work; [Chorus 2 (Repeat x2)] "This is who I am" (echo) "You can't change it" "Naw" [Verse 2] -Expo wit no rims on it, Riding dirty I'm still on it No I ain't the flashy type but guess what I still run It; -White gold for my grill, Run wit moes that kill My life could be a movie, cause this here fo'real; -Accomplishments I own, I did It by myself Nobody was there to help me, yea I did it by myself; -They call me anti-social but Big Rome Is always there If you don't talk to me I don't talk to you, Yea I think that's fair; -Can't get mad at me cause I ain't the loudest In the room It's a saying bout that loud type, I find that theory true; -I ain't trying to brag, I'm just merely stating facts Unlike most I don't pretend, This is real as It's gone get; [Chorus 3 (Repeat x2)] "This is who I am" (echo) "You can't change it" "Naw" [Song End]

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