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Not Thinking in The Ways (Ft. Cecilia Gioffré)

Album: Single
Cristian Larrosa






A passionate soft rock ballad.

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Not thinking in the ways Is not my way to seize you but keep at least what I've achieved my way is to combine you brightness with little of my simpliness is not my way to treat you as the man I should behave Becoming your friend Is what I aim today and if I gain I'll make it a song Is not my way seducing with all questions but all sounds my way is wandering your senses with my delusions for a while my way's not a confess of how long I need you tonight My only intention's to cach your attention and if I gain I'll make you a song Make you up in my voice to lose the conscience of my moments and to challenge your heart I wanna feel the quiteness of nakeness deep in this song I wanna hold you down in the shadows of your seduction I wanna you to take me trip your mornings fly me every morning not thinking in the ways My way of thinking you without you notice me at all My way would be to simply talk you being honest but I'm not. My way it's has no body it has the soul of an unknown All my excuses worth because I choose them and if I want I'll make it a song Every phrase in my voice justifying all my senses And to challenge your heart Only living what I'm feeling Don't succeed how can I bring you closer to me I wanna you to take me trip your mornings fly me every mornings not thinking in the ways

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