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Center Stage

Album: Center Stage
Waiting Room Reunion






This song is about Miriam Ibrahim who was recently in the news because she was going to be persecuted in Sudan for being a Christian. Our hopes for this song is to bring awareness to religious prosecution going on in the world today. God Bless!

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Center Stage Verse 1 Now on trial for something dear that I hold Never thought you'd see this in a modern age Close to my heart but took time to unfold Release the tiger from it's cage I wore the veil to cover who I really am The world waits in silence at the center stage Culture fought to scare me out of being damned Culture lost when God was on the next page Verse 2 Betrayed by those that I hold most dear Forgive them they know not what they've done Take my humanity and leave it there Just know that the tiger's on the run I take the lashes with the beat of a drum Drum on, my battle drums ring on I wait to see what will become Will the world please sing aloud Chorus Oh I stand alone Oh I fight alone Oh You, you turn away But I will not renounce my faith tonight on center stage Bridge I fight alone unarmed but unchained I stand for one who will always remain They seek to destroy my body and mind But within my soul they can never find What brings me home Jesus take me home You bring me home Jesus bring me home

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