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Album: Under 3
Patryk Larney






She flatters herself. I'm sad.

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Was it worth the world? Was it worth the steam? Have you been punching pillows? Was it all that you dreamed? Was it worth the words, That the whiskey brings? Did I feel like the devil on your lips, Or was I one of those things? Betchya never thought that I was not so different than you. Betchya never thought that, hey, I got secrets too... Betchya made up in your pretty little mind that I’ve been waiting, hanging on your words Get yourself together, Maria. You advertise Crazy eyes Warn me away from you I recognize dynamite in you, But thought longer the fuse You don’t have to spell it out I can take the news, I recognize that I am not “in you” Meerly passing through, Maria Meerly passing through.

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