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Sad Dwellings

Album: 7 Heavy Grins




Alt. Rock


It's The Season For The Reason A Sprinkling of Reggae

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Why can’t I do it right I’m always sitting in the wrong I’m always choosing the back roads cause I never really have belonged If I could do it all again I can’t say that I would change There’s sure no memories to be lost and I’m the only one to blame But if I sleep with all this sorrow if I soak up all my pain I’ll be a better man tomorrow it will be ok And if I cry in the dark tonight my tears may head me to the light Maybe not today but baby some day things will be alright Hot damn man I can drop the bizam I’ll choose the road and choose the road with no end Throw myself a bone and let my stitches be sown It won’t be long The old man speaks his mind and lets me know what I could become Just a face in the crowd or just some other little broke ass chump I can’t face reality and there ain’t no where to hide I’m riding on a one-way ticket with a taste of suicide But I can’t decide I blame myself cause I’m only 99% I stand by myself only helping to define statistically a bad seed pushed from behind I should of reached for gold but I always declined Always holding back I’m tryin to cut myself slack I never gave it the goose juice and let my heart cut loose I could never see all I could be I’ve been known to do wrong but I must let yesterday be gone I’m standing with a dandy of a choice To be made create my own destiny Leave nothing up to fate but its kickin me in the balls and poking me in the eyes Won't Be Long

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