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Drunk Dialin'

Album: Drinkin' & Dreamin'




Americana / Alt Country


Self Explanatory! Ha Ha!

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Here I am again, drinking and alone Three sheets to the wind and really feeling low You’ve been on my mind now I’m dialing up your phone I wish I had someone to call my own CHORUS I’m drunk dialing again Calling up everyone of my old girlfriends Well it’s 4 in the morning and I’m bombed out of my mind Looking for some loving on the other end of the line Until I get through, I’ll be drunk dialing you. I got a little black book, littered with names And all the phone numbers of my old flames It comes in real handy after I’ve had a drink or two I reminisce as I go down the line And I start to miss all the real good times Maybe I’ll give one of em’ a call and see what their up to CHORUS SOLO Here’s a few rules that you need to know If you’re going drink then pick up a phone Now pay real close attention, here’s what you got to do You got to be, drunk when you call Slur your words then yell into the phone Repeat yourself at least 27 times Let em’ know, how drunk you are Talk dirty and breathe real hard Tell them you love em’ and baby, then start to cry…..

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