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Tombstone Bound

Album: Disarray
Earl Kayoss




thanx for listening. - earl

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Tombstone Bound by Earl Kayoss can we put it all behind us, after all we’ve said and done? oh the years ahead may find us all alone and on the run. we can’t break these chains that bind us, heaven knows how hard we’ve tried. let each tear we cry remind us, of all the times we’ve said goodbye. back home… miles away… I left a girl on the porch in the rain. I called her today… her momma says she’s been cryin’ all the time I’m away. now the circle stands unbroken, and our hearts go ’round and ’round. just one word was left unspoken… so our love is Tombstone Bound it took too long to break this silence, now I’m glad it’s said and done. keeping secrets is a type of violence… when you keep them from the one you love. (c) by earl kayoss vindictive cat ltd. ascap

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