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When I Write

By: Diom






simplistic beat and hard rhymes what else do you want ? lol

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When I write I'm colder than sunshine on mars my presence is felt like kingpins behind bars a menace with no pause darth maul included and really obi should've never won that was stupid but i digress my test has more hearts racing than a pregnancy scare i'm obviously where you've never been true magic with the pen no compliments , condiments to this here potion, are elements elemental fire truly potent posting future visions of this world while i'm flowing you know it and if it ain't pretty than revoke it my license to ill cuz i swear i leave 'em with a feverish feel feel the heat better quarantine my shows or face a global pandemic due to flow no not a medic but i'm surgical with this though getting so jiggy you would swear this was a disco-track steady on my grizzly no nabisco-kraft this till i get my cheddar cheese so-back-up off me else you'll find it costly awfully off with this sauce b no wonder i gets nosty(nasty) calls on the daily chicks wanna blame me for their infatuation with the style I tell that it's just like in the wild now feel the lion roar, lion roar lion roar a raw style (hook) brainstorming i write and watch the night turn to morning (on and on and, on and on and ) brainstorming i write and watch the night turn to morning (with explosive styles that'll excite and wild out ) (break) and I write like whoa cuz my style so cold when I do it, when I do it i jus go for gold cuz i ain't wit that low self esteem, self pity you should really feel sorry for me cuz i'm being sorry I just go u going? then i meet u when we get there fire like i spit flairs bet i get that big share of loot i rocket ur a pigeon in the coop watch me drop it, watch me drop it watch me drop it like oops (Verse 2) I'm so contender yet I enter like defender fending off whack rhymes from takin ova bolder than the shoulders of a gorilla trina choke another for going bananas in his hammock I manage like a single mother to get under budget and still accomplish shizz my style astonishes reinventing shizz with the velocity of velociraptors trina capture animosity and possibly a prey while they at it I stay with mathematics on occasions when language and i having altercations or rather linear equations before i draft the line i require skill and time still sublime since my early escapades on this mic i ignite yet i'm still undefined with definition come purpose sense to these lines on this paper to eventually become a picture so Van goh young man paint your picassso paint no faint go bravado lots that's the motto for any and all that choose to follow the path here's the model chin check, chin check, chin check my melody got felonies I'm wanted with this rapness son you ain't got none I overshadow your wackness get ready to give atlas some help, my rhymes is heavy they weight on your conscious it self I shelf this but mel keeps telling me to let this fall, to let this fall, so here it is clean up on aisle 4, hope u got a bucket and more

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