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Rise Star

Album: Center Stage
Waiting Room Reunion






Rise Star Verse 1 Rise star, rise above the earth Stretch far to distant lands of birth Reach down take this dust and make us Rise star rewrite the future's past It starts now breath your life at last Overwhelm creation with existence Chorus We move under the sun All wishing we were one We are lost with the lead of none And our world has come undone Rise star, Rise star Retell our story now Rise star, Rise star Rewrite our story now Verse 2 Down here we yearn to fill the void Our lost souls are empty and devoid Reach down take my hand and save us Fall star take root on the earth Grow strong 'till our hearts see what your worth Don't turn when the hateful axe befalls you Bridge But then three days past the fall You overcame the sting of death and sin for all Go and tell of the roots that we have found Rewrite our past and our story's ending now

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