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Hard to Hold

Album: Little Loaded Pistol
Lindsey Gail






This song is a very deep heart felt song and has a little blues taste to it!!

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Hard To Hold Copyright & Written by: Lindsey Gail 2/20/2010 V1- My heart is black and cold No heartbeat, no one to hold It’s getting dark outside The stars are starting to shine As I put another log on the fire How my heart dearly desires To have what I once had To feel that love and lose this sad Chorus: Is a life worth livin’ without love Are regrets something that shouldn’t be thought of How are these memories getting intertwined With these walls I built up inside my mind I guess I just stopped givin’ you room to grow I can’t hold nobody and I am hard to hold V2- Now your with somebody else They have my life in a frame up on a shelf I think about what we had Livin’ in the past oh, it’s so sad This water is startin’ to taste Like my tears in a empty vase When the wind blew by It took everything, but these tears I cry

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