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Clock People

Album: VS. The GALACTIC Kraken
Cosmic Jellyfish






ACID with your best friends

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keep your chin up and recollect yourself without all your sorrows there could be nothing else so live a while crack a smile you see luifes not so bad make them see you love them all way too much to be sad. raise your glass. Heres to love heres to life heres to all that I despise and all the fallen friends left behind. heres to us heres to me heres to you and heres to we and when life gives you lemons we'll burn all lemon trees. When i go back to the black from whence i came i hope you will remember me stay the same stay the same dont you ever be ashamed of your face or of your name. Paint the walls paint the sky and we'll punch holes in the night, when its dark we can see the light. The tip of this pen is the end of my mouth ill bleed the ink dry when my heads filled with doubt you can cross out mistakes but they still stain the page, the spark of a flame like passing a note i take a deep breath and try not to choke if teacher cant see your secrets safe with me, if i were a doll id put pins in my eye to sew on the button thats keeping me blind my cloth isnt old its just older... if i say sometyhing i shouldnt have said or cant pay attention im lost in my head forgive me please im a bit mad. The cogs in your brain they all tick like a clock with little clock people all running amuk and playing there games and fighting their battles, and i love how pretty trees look with a noos the way broken glass souns under my shoes and scraping my nails on things that i shouldnt

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