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I Want You

Album: Agent Of The Multitude: The Prequel






Day 9 of the Jer-Z Fresh 10 day release. Check it out. Like it!

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I Want You I love money. But I don't let her make me. Daps n pounds. I stomp grounds. Never faking. Hardly fail. I bomb it. Like I grind it. That's old slang. Now I. don't sang. But I. rhyme it like the words blurs. Got a foul mouth. Tryin hard not to curse words. Ha! Respect for the multitude. Never been a faulty dude. Chicks love my ears. Frost beers. n the frost cubes. When I get it on. I be hittin like the prom. Snap shots. Back shots. N I'm out like ya ass. Ha! Self-assertive. I could be brash. Ma.. Ma. I try not to be. My fashion 1-3. Red Monkeys. So nasty. Dead junkies. Elephant print on the Jordans. Spend my sh.... Ya dude in the sh.... Make them stacks. Triple that. N I sh.... Listen!  Look into my eyes. I want you like a prize. I'm fiendin for ya taste. N I'm that type of guy. I. have the best dreams. When I see you in my mind. I. See a future so sweet. So neat. My future was so bleak. 10 years ago, we wouldn't speak. Couldn't speak. Cuz I was a fool to me. Uh. Now I'm fit to keep. Luxury life. N it's fit for the kings. I'm lookin for a queen. To maybe wear some rings. Tear up the bed. Maybe wear the springs. Uh! Or the sleep number. Then we deep slumber. Just keep my number. Jeah! ©Jer-Z Fresh

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