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Stayed Through the Midnight and Left Before Dawn

Album: Sumpin Outta Nutin
Roger Dodge




Contemporary/Soft Rock


A song about the effects of deception in a relation and the isolation it causes.

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STAYED THROUGH THE MIDNIGHT AND LEFT BEFORE DAWN © 2010 by Roger Dodge Abandoned here, I’m all alone. Are these the seeds I’ve sewn? So here I am back on my own, Don’t tell me - I should have known. I can’t quite tell where this road has gone, Lost in the darkness, played like a pawn, But if you never were mine then your not really gone, You just stayed through the midnight and left before dawn. I’d hoped that this road would have carried me home, ‘Cause there’s been too many midnights I’ve wandered alone, I just can’t believe it was all lead on, Just to stay though some midnights and leave before dawn. A barren field in a gardener’s song, How’d I ever let things go so wrong, Just don’t you forget it’s right here you belong, Just to stay through the midnight and enjoy the dawn. But I’m abandoned here, Yeah - I’m all alone, And these are not the seeds I’ve sewn, So here I am waiting on you, Running now means you ain’t got a clue, Left the door open too. No, I’m not quite sure where your coming from, Out of some darkness so far from the sun, I can’t quite tell where the future has gone, Yeah, but I’ve been planting since midnight, I’m set for the dawn, I’m up for the dawn, So bring it on, Bring on the dawn.

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