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Not My Baby

Album: Unreleased






Another original song by the Audio Imagery crew during the era of Retrofuture. This has a little Michael Jackson influence in it and currently is one of my favorite songs. Its all about gossip and how someone is telling me that my girl is cheating on me but I refuse to believe it whether it be naively or due to faith. Is it just gossip? Is it love? It is ignoring the truth? I'm sure some girl somewhere was saying this about me at some point... only to find out it was true... Lol...

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Verse 1: You told me for a while That she was foolin round But she’s so good to me IO just can’t belelive that she would do me dirty She wouldn’t hurt me She so innoncent These lies won’t let in So go on your way Chorus She would never do What you say she'd do I know that this girl loves me it ain't her No not my baby No not my baby No not my babyNo not my baby Verse 2: You said don’t trust her smile But I don’t know quite how Cause she is so sexy I don’t really care about all the things you can you seen you can’t see the way that she looks at me and the way that she touches me hugging me kissing me loving me over and over and over Rap: Hey baby Remember the morning When you told me that we would never be all alone and maybe I’m just in love I can’t see the truth with these shades on, your amazing my friends are hating on your your heart telling me I’ma turn around and you’ll be gone They keep telling about your infidelitys And trying to mess up the heavenly melody that we sing Hey baby They ain’t selling me a thing I don’t’ buy it they’re only lying We’ve been through the fire, and maybe im biased But you get me higher than any not sung by mirah my baby girl is too good to me and got a good heart too, it feels good to me That you girl talking about she ain’t , she can’t, she wont that will never ever be my baby

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