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Album: Damage






The entire song is actually based around a simply piano melody by Ruston Slager. The piano was replaced with synths and loops were added. Barbara Moseley and John Wardlaw completed the song with the vocal and solo melodies with the final touch being added when Jon Moseley closed the song with his guitar solo.

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DEEP Music by Slager, Wardlaw, B. Moseley Lyrics by Wardlaw Of summers gone and distant light I wish that I could save tonight For all that lies beyond the stars In tears that dry for who you are I set my fear in deep blue sea Narrow thoughts won’t set me free For I can feel what I have done It can't be changed can't be won Eyes so deep and heart so warm With loving arms to soothe the storm Kisses wet upon the wind A precious touch unto the end Visions show me What was lost As we move on To pay the cost In tears of rage For fear of one The damage cannot be undone Until the final tear is cried I shall be here Alone inside For I have paid A price to real A price to high I can not feel And never is the time it ends But I'll survive without my friend You Feel my breath upon the air Touched by moments never there Eyes so deep they melt the stars Consuming all we thought was ours Feel my breath upon the wind And know not anger in the end Eyes so deep they lose the stars A treasure lost or gone so far The dream I shall forever seek Within the lonely eyes so deep

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